St. Ambrose Wedding and Xavier Grand Ballroom Reception: Amy & Joe

Her dad introduced them.

Joe was already friends with her dad when Amy first met Joe.  He was the hot guy at the gym where she worked out.

They met.  Fell in love.  And here they are joining their lives together as one.

I always like to start off a post with some of my favorites from the wedding day.

============================ GETTING READY ==============================

Amy started her day with a relaxing run.  That’s right I said RUN.  What a woman!

Check out this dress hanger  that one of Amy’s friends made for her.  Ingenious!  I’ve seen something similiar on Etsy that just says “Bride”….but to have one made with your new last name…soooo personal.  LOVE IT!!!!

=======================  CEREMONY ======================

I love Joe’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time.

By the way, thank you for facing each other so that everyone in the audience could see you.  It also makes it much, much easier for me to take pretty pictures of you during the ceremony and vows.

Bubble, bubbles, every where bubbles.  So pretty!

=========================== RECEPTION =======================

Dad gave a touching toast.

Amy’s sister had many kind and loving words for Amy.  And as you can see, Amy was moved to tears….

and laughter.

Running is such a major part of Amy’s life that it had to be incorporated into the speech.

Both of Joe’s brothers gave speeches.

BE WARE…..there are no secrets that brothers won’t share about you.  They were both tooo funny.

Joe’s parents.

Amy’s parents.

Time for the Father-Daughter dance.

Both sets of parents here … a true meshing of two wonderful close-knit families.

Warms your heart doesn’t it?

“I have to have a dance with my sister”

I hope that when my children grew up, they will be as close as Amy is to her brothers.  As close as she is to all her siblings.

Amy and Joe, thank you so much for wearing your hearts on your sleeves and for letting me share with you in this momentous day of your life.  I had a blast and wish you the best as you embark on this wonderful journey called marriage.



CEREMONY:  St. Ambrose Catholic Church (on the Hill)

RECEPTION:  Xavier Grand Ballroom

CATERING + CAKE: Russo’s Catering

FLORAL DESIGN:  Tina Barrera – The Special Event Florist

HAIR:  Katie Colombo

MAKE-UP:  Lauren French Duncan

WEDDING DRESS:  Mikaella Bridal

DJ:  Millennium Music

TRANSPORTATION:  All About You Limos

Ryan Gladstone Those look like some memorable speeches. Love the portraits that opened the post.September 9, 2011 – 9:32 pm

Von They were!!!! Thanks Ryan.September 9, 2011 – 11:11 pm

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