St. Louis Engagement Photography: Kelsey and Mike

So I’m preparing for Kelsey and Mikes wedding coming up in 2 days.  And as I’m getting my thoughts together, dreaming up some ideas as to how to make some really pretty images of Kelsey and Mike, putting my file in order of all the information I have about them and all notes I’ve written to myself as reminders of what I must do as well as what I would like to do…..I smack myself in the head cause I just realized…I didn’t post about their engagement session that I did months back!  How did I miss that?!?!  Well I’ve got to fix that right now!

***side thought:  my english teacher, if she were to see this, would probably have a conniption fit right about now just looking at my run on sentence…that just keeps running on.  Sorry Mrs. Johnson, you were a great teacher…I wasn’t your best student.  That’s just the way I talk in person!!!  And with lots of exclamation points!!!**

O-kay.  Back to the story.   Here are Kelsey’s and Mike’s engagement photos.  They are so low-key and sweet.  So looking forward to their wedding day!




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