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    Hi ! ! ! ! My name is Von. That's short for Souksavane (pronounced "Sook-sa-von"). Yeah, I know...most people see that name and say, "Okay. I'll go with Von."

    I like that I have a unique name. Why? Because being unique is important to me. I'm the kind of girl that won't wear a dress if I've seen a friend or acquaintance wear the same dress.

    That concept applies to my outlook on photography as well.

    I'm a wedding and portrait photographer that likes to be unique. Not weird unique or quirky unique but just simply...unique.

    I believe in being positive because negativity is just...negative.

    I have two of the most beautiful, most awesome children in the whole wide world. Yes, I know, every momma says that about her kids.

    I would LOVE to get to know you and your family better. Let's sit down, have a cup of coffee and chat.

Juan & Lisa Anniversary Beach Session

Juan & Lisa have been married 20 years.


A sweet, loving, joyful couple.  Her smile is so infectious (don’t you agree?)!

Robert & Victoria Beach Session

St. Petersburg, FL, Beach Photography


Robert and Victoria have this huge love of life and family and faith.  They inspire people to be do more, be more, and achieve more.

Can’t you just see the love they have for each in their eyes?


Would you like to see more of their gallery of photos?

Click Here

Fetter Family Beach Session

One of my favorite families to photograph!  Followed me down to St. Petersburg, FL to do their family photo session.

Love these guys soooo much!!!

And a behind the scenes shot:  My photo assistant, Ethan.

Photo assistants are indispensable!  Carried my bag, reflectors, everyones coats/jackets, and shoes and the most important task…keeping the young ones entertained so we can get great expressions!

We’ve MOVED!

….to sunny Florida!

Hello Sunshine State.  We are so excited to be here!

If you’re ever in the St. Petersburg / Tampa area, look us up!

And if you’re from this area, give me some suggestions as to the best places to go for:  coffee, pizza, sushi, burgers, mexican, beaches, running trails, artisan boutiques, etc.!


SNEAK PEAK: Theresa & Curtis




Kate Sievers These are amazing! I cannot wait to see the rest.September 28, 2015 – 3:46 pm

St Louis Forest Park Jewel Box Wedding Reception: Stacie and Dane

Stacie and Dane’s St. Louis Forest Park Jewel Box Wedding Reception.

The day started at The Shrine of St. Joseph for the ceremony.

Look at this gorgeous dress!  Tiny little waist.  Beautiful detailing on the bust.  Seriously sweet dress!  Lovely!!!


This was the best mom – daughter moment.  So sweet.

I think the groom was pretty blown away by his bride coming down the aisle.

These two are so right for each other!  So many things in common.  Both are Doctors of Veterinary medicine.

This was my 2nd time with the privilege of photographing this lovely family.

See the 2nd bridesmaid from the left?  That’s Stephanie, the brides older sister.  See the groomsman next to her?  That’s Stephanie’s husband, Ryan.

I shot their wedding several years ago.  Another stunning bride and groom.  Hi guys!

The Jewel Box is soooo pretty for an intimate wedding reception.  The palm trees are stunning!

If you’re looking for a great “exit” here’s an alternative…GLOWSTICKS!  Everyone had so much fun with these!

Big Thanks to Stacie & Dane and their families for letting me document their day!

Theresa & Curtis’ St. Louis Engagement Session

Theresa and Curtis are a modern couple.  They met online…as many couples these days do at first meet.

These two are the most relaxed, easy-going couple!  Such a pleasure to photograph.

 Theresa and Curtis will be getting married in a few short months.  Can’t wait to spend the day with them!!!

Rustic Farm Wedding: Sarah & Kent

Surrounded by family and friends.  In an open field underneath the shade of an ancient tree..  Next to the farmhouse that Grandpa owns.

That’s how Sarah & Kent started their special day.


Hello Mr. & Mrs.!

Time to Party!

Thank you so much Sarah & Kent for sharing your day with us!

Saint Charles, Missouri, Foundry Art Centre Reception: Miriah & Nick

St. Charles, Missouri

Venue:  Foundry Art Centre




Innsbrook Resort Wedding and Reception: Shari & Tyler

Venue:  Innsbrook Resort, Missouri.

Fresh snow had fallen just a day or two before the wedding.  The peaceful, serene, trees and lakes of Innsbrook Resort surrounded Shari and Tyler the same way that they were surrounded by the loving arms of close friends and family.

Tyler & Shari choose to have a First Look.

This is where the Bride and Groom see each other before the ceremony.   It’s a private moment they get to have to really take in seeing each other for the very first time.

After they saw each other, we went and took photos of Tyler & Shari and the wedding party.

Tyler & Shari had soooo many beautiful details!!!!




Fabulous cake!

PLUS….get this….they had a selection of various flavors of gooey butter cake!  LOVE!!!!

Tyler and Shari, thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your special day!

Wishing you happiness and joy and long years of married bliss.


Stacie and Dane’s St. Louis Engagement Session

It was the prettiest Fall weekend and everyone … and I mean absolutely everyone… was out having their photos taken.

So the adorable little black and white furry guy up there?  And that red little heart dangling from his collar?  On there, it says, “Will you marry me?”  That’s how Dane proposed to Stacie!

Adorable! Yes?  I think so!

These two little lovebirds met in college and share a love of animals.  And he obviously loves her to pieces.  I think it’s mutual though.  Happy little lovebirds!

So looking forward to their Spring wedding in 2015.

SNEAK PEAK: Shari & Tyler

Innsbrook Resort Wedding & Reception







SNEAK PEAK: Miriah & Nick

Autumn Wedding in St Charles Missouri


St. Charles, MO, Family Photography: Olga and Mike + Alexander

It was a beautiful early Autumn day.  Perfect for spending time with one of my favorite families.

St Charles Missouri Family Photography

Modern Happy Family Photography

Kisses and smootches for the cutest kid in town!  Alexander is thinking….”Oh mom!”

Modern Happy Family Photography

Modern Happy Family Photography

Modern Happy Family Photography

Modern Happy Family Photography

Modern Happy Family Photography

Modern Happy Family Photography

Adorable!  That’s all I can say.  Makes your heart melt doesn’t it.  He’s got such a mischievous little grin.  In a few years, the ladies better watch out!

Main Street St Charles Family Photography

Main Street St Charles Family Photography

Main Street St Charles Family Photography

 Olga, I’m lovin’ your shoes!!!!!  You know I’m a shoe girl!!!!  As always you do such a great job of styling your little family for the session!

Main Street St Charles Family Photography_

Main Street St Charles Family Photography

Ooh….serious face.

Main Street St Charles Family Photography

Main Street St Charles Family Photography

Main Street St Charles Family Photography

Alexander is really good at a game of Simon Says.

Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your family Olga, Mike and Alexander!

I’ve watched Alexander grow over the years.  He’s such a great little guy.  You, Olga and Mike, are still the same beautiful, loving, happy people I met 6 years ago!  Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your lives.

SNEAK PEAK: Katie & Dick

Cedar Lake Cellars Wedding and Reception.

Here’s a few sneak peaks from this past weekend’s wedding.

St. Louis – City Cottage on Chouteau Wedding & Reception: Ayanna & James

Cute.  Classy.  Contagiously Fun.

Ayanna & James were married at City Cottage on Chouteau and it was P.E.R.F.E.CT!

From her short, knee-length, frothy wedding dress, to his crisp, clean, tan summer suit, they were perfect together.

bride in retro short wedding dress with groom in tan summer suit sitting and cuddling

©Von DeVore Photography || Short wedding dresses are so fun! And how cute are these two?!?!


St Louis Bride and Groom smiling wedding photos

©Von DeVore Photography || Adorable! Beaming smiles because they are so happy!!!

Bride and Groom Kissing as little girls look on in surprise

©Von DeVore | St. Louis Wedding Photography | My absolute favorite photo! Sweet Kisses. Audrey says, “Oh my!”


Wedding portrait of bride in strapless gown and groom in tan suit

©Von DeVore | St Louis Wedding Photography |”I can’t believe this is our wedding day!”

Big thanks to Chrissy Stojan of Hair by Chrissy.  Great job on Ayanna’s hair!

Exquisite portrait of classically beautiful African American Bride

©Von DeVore | St Louis Wedding Photography | She’s such a classic beauty!

Young bridesmaids in hot pink dresses blowing kisses

©Von DeVore | St Louis Wedding Photography | Blowing sweet kisses.

Hot pink young bridesmaids wedding portrait

©Von DeVore | St Louis Wedding Photography |3 of the most adorable young bridesmaids ever!

Hot Pink Little Bridesmaids

©Von DeVore | St Louis Wedding Photography | Three Little Bridesmaids. How adorable!  Little Miss Shaia and her many faces.  Too funny!

Now that we’ve ooh’d and aaahhh’d over some of the very adorable photos of the bride, groom and wedding party, let’s go back to earlier in the day shall we?

©Von DeVore Photography | St Louis Wedding Photography

Aren’t the invitations and paper goods just gorgeous?  They should be!  These are Ayanna’s very own!

She is the owner of Boutique Invite.  She produces custom invitations and stationery for weddings.  Lovely work!  Go check it out!

©Von DeVore | St Louis Wedding Photography

©Von DeVore | St Louis Wedding Photography | Who doesn’t LOVE these sparkly shoes?  These Betsey Johnson heels are so fun (and that’s what she’s known for!).

Bride getting ready for her big wedding day

©Von DeVore | St Louis Wedding Photographer

©Von DeVore | Wedding Photography | Little Miss Shaia gets the full hair and pampering experience too! How adorable!

Here we have Ayanna and James as they see each other for the very first time.  I love each of their facial expressions.

His expression (photo on the left) is so full of anticipation.  Her expression (photo on the right) as so full of excitement.  They both have been looking forward to this day for quite some time!

©Von DeVore | St. Louis Wedding Photography | First Look

One of the advantages of choosing to see each other before the wedding ceremony is that the guests don’t have to wait very long between events.  It’s straight from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception.  Sometimes the guests don’t know what to do with themselves while they have to wait 2-3 hour between ceremony and cocktails to allow for the wedding party to have photos taken.  Doing a First Look and then going straight to portraits with your bridal party before the ceremony is one solution.  It may not be right for everyone but it is a great option to consider if their are time constraints!

©Von DeVore | St. Louis Wedding Photography | First Look

©Von DeVore | St Louis Wedding Photography

Miss Shaia got to walk her mom down the aisle.  Isn’t that precious!

I love that Ayanna was brought to tears as James says his vows to her.

Great flowers right?  Thanks toKelly of Crimson Petal.Little Miss Shaia is such a mini-me of her mom, Ayanna, in these photos below!Family resemblance is very strong, yes? Two mom-and-daughter combos.  Gorgeous women in this family!

City Cottage on Chouteau has this fabulous patio for guests right across from an outdoor oven.  Do you know what they make in that outdoor oven?  Pizza!


 Bubble exit to finish off the day!

Wedding Vendors:

Wedding & Reception Site:  City Cottage on Chouteau

Catering:  Catering St. Louis

Wedding Cake:  Sarah’s Cake Shop

Florist:  Crimson Petal

DJ:  Mike Westerman of Premier Sound Kansas City

Invitations & Stationery:  Boutique Invite

Officiant:  Allen Elliot


Sneak Peak: Ayanna and James

Modern Wedding Party Photo with kids

©Von DeVore Photography | “Eeeewwww….look who’s kissing!” How adorable is this little bridesmaids reaction to the kiss?!?!


Faust Park Wedding Photo of Bride and Groom sitting on porch

©Von DeVore Photography | So romantic!


Ayanna & Jaime’s Forest Park Engagement Session

A picnic in the park.  Strolling on paths and holding hands.  Savoring the spring pops of color.

That’s what Ayanna & Jaime did during their engagement session.

Modern Couples Photography Engagement Session in Forest Park

©Von DeVore Photography | Happy to be engaged.

Von DeVore Photography - Modern Engagement Session in Forest Park

©Von DeVore Photography | Strolling in the park

Von DeVore Photography - Modern Engagement Photography in Park

©Von DeVore Photography | Happy and in love!

 Modern Couples Photography

Modern Couples Photography

©Von DeVore Photography

Modern Family Photography Forest Park Missouri

©Von DeVore Photography | Beautiful little family.

Adorable Modern Family Photo

©Von DeVore Photography | THE MOST adorable photo on the left! Super cute don’t you think?

Modern Lifestyle Family Photography

©Von DeVore Photography | Another favorite image!

Modern Lifestyle Photo Session

Modern Mother Daughter Lifestyle Photo

©Von DeVore Photography | A little “mommy & me” time. How precious!!!!!

Modern Children's Lifestyle Photography

©Von DeVore Photography | Too cute!

©Von DeVore Photography | Who is this little cutie pie?!?! Adorable!!!

©Von DeVore Photography | How about a little pom pom cheering?



Jerry and Sandee Hedinger Love your photos! We are looking forward to the wedding.:-)June 13, 2014 – 7:38 pm

Saint Charles Engagement Photography: Katie and Dick’s Main Street Engagement Session

Katie and Dick are getting married this summer (2014).  This is their wonderfully simple and fun engagement session in St. Charles, Missouri.

Fun Family Session in St Charles with Beautiful light

©Von DeVore Photography || Modern Engagement Photos || Beautiful Light . . . Beautiful Happiness

Because they are so very family oriented, they decided to include Dick’s son and daughter in their engagement session.  Aren’t they adorable?!?!

Relaxed Lifestyle Portrait of Family in Saint Charles, Missouri

©Von DeVore Photography || Modern Engagement Photography

Relaxed, Modern Family Photography

©Von DeVore Photography || Hug in close everyone!

 Dick’s quite the character.  He was goofying off with Katie and have just a grand ole’ time.

Funny engagement photos

©Von DeVore Photography || “I love you. Can I lick your face?”

But he can also do a look at the camera face too.  🙂

Classic Lifestyle Engagement Photo Session

©Von DeVore Photography || Modern Engagement Photography


Modern Family Photos in Saint Charles, Missouri

©Von DeVore Photography || Modern Engagement Photography

Happy Kid Photo

©Von DeVore Photography || Modern Engagement Photography


Contemporary Lifestyle Engagement Session

©Von DeVore Photography || Modern Engagement Photography

©Von DeVore Photography || “We love each other so much!”

Family Photo Session in Saint Charles, Missouri

©Von DeVore Photography || Modern Engagement Photography

Fun family photos

©Von DeVore Photography || Let’s Go Crazy Folks!

Fun family photo

©Von DeVore Photography || “Ring around the rosie. A pocket full of posies…..”


Katie and Dick, can’t wait for your wedding this July.  I know it’s going to be full of laughter and fun antics!


Saint Louis Engagement Photography: Tyler and Shari

Tyler and Shari are engaged!

I recently photographed Tyler and Shari at Faust Park and it was the perfect Fall day!  This soon-to-be wedded couple will be getting married sometime next year.  They are so excited!!!

Tyler told me all about how Shari and he met.

We met 5 years ago back in college, in Shari’s dorm room. I was shooting a video for one of my classes, and Shari’s roommate was in my small group. She offered up their room as the location for one of the scenes, and when I saw Shari I thought she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever met. She thought I looked like the Weasley twins from Harry Potter, and was intrigued. The pursuit began, and the rest is history.

Shari and Tyler make such an adorable couple.  Don’t you think?

Love the hair, Shari!

Tyler also filled me in on the proposal. He said, We spent a great summer day at Six Flags, one of our favorite spots around St. Louis for relaxation and adventure. Afterwards, we came back home to a nice dinner in, then as we were cuddled up with some movies for the night, I paused the movie and popped the question. It wasn’t the same as asking her while skydiving or anything, but it was “us”.. Of course, she said Y-E-S!

Don’t you just love Shari’s boots?

We were talking about how stylish they were and I was lamenting how I can NEVER find boots to fit over my calves.  Seriously I have the worst problem ever!  Not only am I “vertically challenged” but I have the calves of a soccer player…and I don’t even play soccer!  Shari was so sweet because after the session was over she pointed me in the direction of the place where she got her boots.   Apparently they also sell wide-calf boots too.  Yeah!!!  I might find some cute boots after all!!!

These two are real naturals in front of the camera.  Genuine smiles are the best!  And these two have it.

All the best to this happy couple!